SHOUT under threat

Self Help Organisations United Together (SHOUT) is an umbrella organisation that provides vital support to over 47 ACT self help and peer support groups for people with disabilities, health and chronic conditions.  It may be under threat after 35 years of operation, depending on election undertakings.

A number of these groups have indicated that they may not be able to continue if SHOUT were to close. Janne Graham AM, an award-winning Canberran and a founder of SHOUT, has spoken out about this.

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This site

Pain Support ACT (Pain Support) promotes the health and well being of people in the Canberra region living with persistent or chronic pain,including their family and carers.  It also advocates for better services for people with pain and better understanding of this debilitating condition.

This site offers a range of options for people with pain in the Canberra region, including

  • Pain Support’s range of local activities and events
  • Canberra region resources
  • Top selected website resources to help people with pain

We promote a positive outlook, including relaxation skills and activity you enjoy.